Maria has helped with so much of my needs and has worked with me well, and as a result I’m a better person and more in tune with myself.  As well as this I now know all my emotional triggers and have figured out what to do when I don’t feel the best.  A number of years I was faced with an extremely difficult time and without the help support and encouragement from Maria my healing wouldn’t have been possible.  I thank her for being an amazing person and therapist but also a good friend I have made over these many years and I highly recommend Maria for pretty much any issue as she can support almost everyone.


We were introduced to Maria by a friend of mine who had a professional therapeutic relationship with Maria and knew my daughter needed a therapist who could use tradition therapeutic methods in combination with creative therapy.   We had accessed various services for some years including family therapy, individual therapy and supports through the school system and while these methods helped to deal with current issues we were struggling to get to the deep therapeutic supports my daughter needed.  During the first phone consultation with Maria I felt an immediate connection, her style was compassionate, honest, realistic and very reassuring.  My daughter started working with Maria almost three years ago and the way Maria has worked with my daughter is remarkable.  Maria accepted where she was at, at every stage of her journey and while my daughter has additional difficulties Maria placed her firmly at the centre of her own journey.  Together they worked at my daughters pace, taking time away as required and reengaging as necessary.  Maria used techniques that worked for my daughter.  At first the sessions were mainly based on art and creative therapy with some talking therapy, this method allowed my daughter’s confidence build and trust to strengthen.  This changed in line with where my daughter was at and following her lead every step of the way.  Today my daughter is a very well balanced, mature and resilient young woman who has a very clear image of self and high level of self-worth.  This is in no small part attributed to the personalised creative and professional support Maria provided her.  As a mother Maria engaged with me as appropriate, keeping me updated on progress while keeping my daughters personal work personal, Maria always advised me if my daughter might be tired, emotional or upset following her sessions to ensure I could support her as appropriate without the need to ask questions.  I would have no hesitation to recommend Maria to anyone for support, but in particular anyone who needs a creative supportive and caring environment to explore safely their inner selves